SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Located in the heart of a national park, where you can see and feel the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the most favourable climates for well-being according to the World Health Organization, SHA was born as a result of Alfredo Bataller personal experience, when in the face of a critical diagnosis, he found a Doctor with great understanding of nutrition and natural therapy, who enabled Alfredo to regain his health back. His Mission then became SHA Mission, to create positive, substantial, and lasting change to your health and well-being with proven natural therapies, and the latest advances of scientific medicine.

Is it a Spa, a Clinic or a Luxury Resort? SHA it is all of them and much more, a life-changing experience that will guide you to achieve your optimal state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The Team, with over 300 professionals from 35 different countries; the Method, with the most effective and proven natural therapies and latest advancements in Western medicine; the Nutrition, inspired by ancient principles and adapted to modern life; the Academy, with group lectures, healthy cooking classes, relaxation, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, stretching and breathing sessions; the Healthy Ageing programs and Aesthetic Medicine; the Fitness, postural correction, cardio-tone circuit, muscular activation techniques, kinesis, electro stimulation, power plate, aqua gym, state-of-the-art machinery, Nordic walking, hiking, walks to the lighthouse and the beach; the Cognitive Stimulation module, combining cutting-edge technologies to bring your cognitive potential to the next level; and last and not least the physical space with the 93 Dream Like Suites and the Wellness Clinic with more than 80 treatment rooms and 65.000 sq.ft., makes SHA a dream come true for those seeking to reach their maximum potential in life.

A must

Immerse yourself in one of their awards winning 7 nights program, Weight Loss, Detox, Sleep Recovery, Rejuvenation, Anti-Stress, Fitness or Recovery

Favorite accommodation

The Penthouse at the Residences, with its private infinity pool and total seclusion

Best kept secret

The 360 degrees approach to well being, it is not just a Spa destination


Sleek and contemporary with Mediterranean vibes


All year round but Spring and fall are magical

In love with

The ancient approach to well being adapted to our times

Favorite local activity

Walk to the light house during sunset 

Combines with

Madrid, Barcelona or any other Spanish destination

Nearest airport

Alicante (ALC) - 45 minutes / Valencia (VLC) - 140 minutes