Imperial Connection, Austria

Imperial Connection was founded in 2002 by Johanna Schmikal and Uli Beck, bringing to the table vast knowledge and many years of experience; together with a team of professional MICE experts with the same attitude than them, are delivering the most important facts for a MICE agency, which are to listen,  think and serve on a personal basis!

Imperial Connection is a prestigious DMC, with a bit old- fashioned touch, because they understand that, being a Destination Management Company, they must cover and deliver all touristic services within a destination. 

You would benefit of working with one of the leading DMCs in Vienna which offers will always meet your requirements in every detail and each offered service is tailor made for your event and travel. 

They would be your local representative and would get involved as much or as little as you wish, supplying best service , quality and arrange once-in-a- lifetime visit for all your guests.

Each of member of the team is enthusiastic, professional and well experienced - they love to create and find the best options for you with one designated Account Manager being your partner from the very first contact to final invoicing and supervising your event  24hrs/7days a week.

They take a lot of pride  in choosing carefully their local partners, and after so many years in business , they have a wide variety and a close partnership with the most outstanding suppliers - just the best of the best to ensure best quality, value and service.

And they are a one  stop partner for MICE services in Austria, removing for you the need to deal with multiple suppliers in different destinations within the country.

Their local expertise will ensure that your programmes are planned and executed in a smooth way as they know how close a coach can get to a venue on each day, which guide is personally most suitable for your guests, and which restaurant works well for incentives to name a few.

Fancy a meeting with a historical figure? Have backstage meetings with professionals in museums, venues or at shows? Dine in the most interesting places? Have fun exploring our fantastic cities? Having a partner here, who will tell you about all that is part of their added value proposition.

The company name was created with a special intention: Imperial stands for the Imperial Cities of Austria 'we operate' in and Connection 'stands for the partnership they want to offer'; let them be your direct link to the beautiful and now modern cities of the former “Imperial Empire” of the Habsburgs!